hi, i'm madamecrème!

and you can look, use and abuse from my cruelty free beauty products store ❤️

I am a vegan, bold and cruelty-free brand that will help you with those classic problems (stretch marks and scars), as well as with your daily skincare routine.

I was born from a delicious mix between Brazil, Ukraine and Indonesia. that's why my products have aphrodisiac, antidepressant, healing and antioxidant properties.

I came into the world with only one goal: to make you feel beautiful in the most natural way possible. so you don't have to resort to aesthetic procedures baby 💋, because my focus is to make you love yourself more and more!

for that reason, I promote self-love wherever I go, I tell my secrets on a speaker, and I offer you this cruelty-free beauty products store.

like it? then try me babe! because I'm crazy to meet you in the shower

#loveurboory #madgirls #freebody #beautyforurbooty

in life we have inevitable certainties. certain how lipstick will be touched up💄, certain how your intuition will never be wrong, certain how the earth will not stop spinning, certain like the wisdom that your ex has to remain an ex-boyfriend: taking care is the first step to love yourself ❤️

assuming to be goddess, crazy, seductive, sorceress, to be imperfect in this chaos of perfection. accept the changes in your body, understand your selfs - which can be many - and live the intensity that runs through your skin and smell 🌸

because when the feeling is on the skin we scrub and let it absorb.

it is as it should be written around in all bathrooms: self love is our first love ❤️